Why choose Chiropractic & Massage Therapy? 

Does your horse...

  • refuse to pick up leads

  • rock from one leg to another

  • will not back up

  • drag toes

  • throw his/her head

  • reoccurring lameness

  • have trouble gaining weight/ keeping weight on

  • hold tail off to one side

  • stand with legs cocked

  • has had a serious fall and/ or injury

  • is stiff or sore

If so, your horse would benefit greatly from chiropractic and massage therapy.



Equine Chiropractic is the manual maneuvering of the vertebrae, to maintain alignment. Through the thoracic and lumbar, the spinous process of the vertebra are manipulated, allowing the nerves that run through that area to function properly. In addition, misalignment can occur in the pelvis, rotation and/ or pronation, the sacrum, and the caudal, which can cause the horse to refer more weight than necessary to the forehand. Furthermore, the shoulder, as well as the cervical in the neck, and the area near the poll will also need adjustments on occasion. 
Massage Therapy is done in the form of acupressure, working on the stress points. A stress point is where the tendons and ligaments come together in a muscle group, there are 26 stress points on each side of the body. As a result of the vertebrae misalignment, nerves are irritated causing these muscle groups to shut down and not receive oxygen and the blood supply needed to take toxins from the area, making the muscle group more susceptible to rips or tears.  Manually the stress point is massaged, bringing blood to the area to help heal and repair the muscle.

Horses of all breeds and disciplines can benefit from chiropractic and massage therapy. Chiropractic helps the horse maintain proper structure, allowing it to perform at its best. 



Kyra Belle Gillan



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Rates start at $70 per treatment-

or $120 for 2 treatments

*Rates may vary


About Me

I have been around horses my entire life, and have always had a passion towards their wellbeing. I have worked with a variety of breeds, ages, and disciplines and i truly believe in the practice of chiropractic and massage therapy. 

My goal in my practice is to help your horse achieve his/ her full potential, no matter what that may look like, through chiropractic and massage therapy. 

Certified through Helen J. Woods Equine Studies.

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